Dreadlocks 2008-2014 + Before

I've tried to dig out some photos for you from before I got my dreadlocks and how they changed from 2008 through 2014. The dates are probably not totally correct, but I did my best.

GALAPRIL: Dreadlocks, 6 years!

In the beginning of December, my dreadlocks turned 6 years. To honor this, I decided to make a crappy video with me swinging my hair and not really talking about anything! I hope you enjoy! ;)

Dreadlocks 62 months, job/school with dreadlocks, and why I removed my piercings

It's been quite some time,since you last had a look at my dreadlocks! They now turned five years and two months, and while they are getting wilder, I still love them! Apart from talking a bit about dreadlocks and maintenance in this video, I also answer two frequently asked question: If I have had problems with school or jobs due to my dreadlocks and WHY I removed my piercings! I hope you won't think I'm crazy after listening to all of the rambling in the video! Thank you so much for watching! And sorry for making this video SO LONG and not cutting it! :p

Dreadlocks 25 months+sillyness

So. They turned two years, and I wanted to make an update on them.Sorry for looking so tired and saying "ummm" so many times! Please feel free to share the video, comment, write a message or an email to Thanks a lot! Have a nice day :)

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